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Binogi is a comprehensive KICD approved supplementary digital learning platform for Secondary School. Binogi is designed for self-education and is ideal for teacher preparations, classroom introductions, homework and distance schooling. Short video lessons, interactive quizzes and follow-up functionalities makes learning simple and fun - and improve student results. Say hello to your new best friend at school!

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We take things that can feel hard and boring and make them easy and fun. Watch video lessons, compete in quizzes and earn points. And improve your KCSE results!

Hundreds of videos

Our video lessons explain complicated topics in a short and descriptive way. Reach your personal learning goals quickly and easily at your own pace. Perfect for repetition and preparation for exams.

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Thousands of quiz questions

Every video is bundled with a number of questions to test your knowledge on three levels of difficulty. The quizzes test your understanding of key concepts and terms in each topic and sub-topic. They help you learn more and see what you need to spend more time on.

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"Really learner friendly. Fantastic exam prep! Wewe!!! πŸ™Œ πŸ‘¨πŸΏβ€πŸŽ“"


Form 4 Student

"Good evening, How can I add all students to my class or subject? This is a very good platform...."


Biology Teacher

"Hey thanx so much binogi has really helpedπŸ™‚"


Form 1 Student

See your progress

When connected, a built-in functionality tracks performance and achievements in real time. See what videos you have viewed, what quizzes you have taken and how well you scored.

Do you have a competitive nature? Share your results and challenge your friends and classmates. Try to reach the top of the leader board.

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