Teacher Support

Relieves teachers and improves class performance

Teacher's area

In the teacher area, you manage tasks, classes, study groups and students. You create a combination of video and quiz tasks for your students. For each task, there is an easy-to-understand overview of the individual or comparative learning status of the students. This relieves you of a lasting strain, especially in heterogeneous learning groups.

Binogi brings a superior teacher aid to you school.

• Reduces preparation time and improves attention during class

• Gives swift and comprehensive understanding of a topic for inexperienced teachers and substitutes

• Allows teachers to monitor and interact with students on their performance and progress through videos and quizzes

• Provides superior exam preparation guide centered on learning

An additional relief is provided by a summary of the quiz questions that challenge the students the most. This optimizes your lesson preparation and an individual approach to your students.

The Platform – How it works

You as a teacher can select and share lessons and sections with the class, directly linked to the curriculum. Quizzes, games and test help stimulate learning and results are made available for teachers and students to monitor progress. Parents can follow school education and students results shared from the platform dashboard.

Binogi in the classroom

Binogi is available for individual work for the students, but it also serves as valuable support and a resource in the classroom. It can, for example, be used as an introduction to a topic, an assignment or a lab. Binogi's videos may also facilitate deeper understanding as a summary of a lesson or inspire you as a teacher to new ways of conveying knowledge. The animated graphics visualise and explain complex concepts, and connect them to everyday situations accustomed to the students.

Pedagogical approaches - three scenarios

Traditional learning with textbooks is restrained by the boundaries of printed text and supporting illustrations. The Binogi platform was designed for digital media from the ground up with a clear focus on student learning. It supports many different pedagogical approaches. It is also highly adaptable to different forms of teaching and learning depending on the subject matter and students' learning style.

Scenario 1: Flipped classroom

This has proven to be an extremely powerful approach, especially when working in multilingual classes. Instead of telling students how to learn, when to learn and how to prove that they’ve learned, teachers support them in becoming self-directed learners.

Here the teacher assigns the students to watch a film at home before class. And when students come prepared to class, there's little or no need for teachers to address content-related questions. Instead, they can support students in better understanding the concepts through practical application. It also offers transparency for parents, who will know what their children are learning in school. This improves communication between parents and teachers.

The flipped classroom inspires teachers to offer a versatile and engaging way to share learning content, while putting more control into students' hands regarding their own learning processes.

Scenario 2: Inquiry-Based Learning

Many subjects need to be put in context to make sense to students. Learning does not only occur in the classroom.

Here the teacher watches a video together with the class. Each student then defines a problem that he or she will investigate til the next lesson. This gives the student time to reflect and involve others in their journey to mastery. And because they have formulated their own questions, they walk out of the classroom hungry for answers.

During the next lesson, students teach each other by presenting the findings from their research. The Binogi content fills the role of a playful and informative introduction to the subject.

Inquiry-based learning has also proven to be a powerful method to develop the students’ presentation skills which are useful inside and outside of school. 

Scenario 3: Dialogical peer learning

In order to solidify learning, students benefit from discussing not only facts, but also the core concepts of the subject matter.

A third scenario is when the whole class watches a video from the Binogi platform together at the start of a lesson. The teacher divides the class in smaller groups of 5-6 students and instructs them to discuss a couple of questions based on core concepts, for instance how the specific knowledge can be applied in real-life situations. The teacher then assembles the key questions from the groups and discusses these with the whole class.

The result is a deeper learning experience and understanding of the subject matter. It also triggers the brain to remember facts better and to solidify relevant concepts for a more holistic understanding of the subject.

Repetition is the mother of knowledge

Binogi works together with scientists to develop functionality to stimulate learning and repetition at appropriate intervals. This to help students remember and ensure deep learning - not only for the test, but for life.

Binogi thereby gives teachers and students more time in the classroom - to work on understanding and application of knowledge.


We are happy to provide our teachers with free trial access including licenses for you and your class for two months.

During this time you can thoroughly test all content and functions of Binogi. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to sign up with individual licenses granting your students full access to all material - at a price equivalent to little more than one book.

Just contact us. Personally, on the phone or by mail.