This is Binogi

The Kenyan curriculum on a world-leading e-learning platform

Binogi offers comprehensive supplementary streamed educational material for Secondary School. The platform is KICD approved, adapted for the Kenyan curriculum and will be continuously up to date. Developed together with teachers and international experts on digital education, the Binogi platform is designed to make learning simple and fun - and to significantly improve student results. The material is based on short video lessons that are followed by interactive quizzes and follow-up opportunities for both teachers and students. Say hello to your new best friend at school!

Teacher support

The locally tailored material and the Binogi platform is designed to facilitate classroom activities and teaching – as a preparation for class, as an introduction to a new topic, as a group assignment or as a ready-made, customised homework. It also allows teachers to monitor class performance and results in real-time – and identify knowledge gaps. All to ensure students learn for life… and pass that next exam!

Digital, equitable learning

Binogi is for everyone. We believe that all students and teachers should have access to superior academic material at a very reasonable cost. As a supplement to traditional education, Binogi's mission is to make knowledge more accessible for all. Together with our partner Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) and through Airtel's Free Internet for Schools Program, we provide public schools with qualitative academic digital content.

Students learn faster

Students understand and internalize learning content more easily through everyday-oriented and humorous videos and quizzes. Binogi offers great opportunities for individual and independent learning!

Use Binogi with your class in the classroom, for repetition, as an introduction or for individual preparation.

Animated Videos

The videos are at the heart of Binogi. Through everyday situations and many examples, complex issues are explained in a simple and understandable way. All video scripts are written by instructors of the respective subjects and then completed by our animation and sound specialists. And aligned with the Kenyan curriculum.

The combination of audio, visualization, context and writing allows students to understand and internalize difficult topics more quickly.

The animated videos are between 3 and 5 minutes long to keep the students' attention and to convey the topics with fun.


For each video, there are also three quizzes at different difficulty levels. With the help of the quiz, the learned knowledge can be playfully deepened and students are stimulated to work independently. For each completed quiz, the students collect points, which additionally motivates them.

Relieves teachers

In the teacher area, you are given an overview of the individual learning conditions of the students. You can see at a glance how they have gone through a quiz and understand where they encounter difficulties.

Teacher area

In the teacher area, you manage tasks, classes, study groups, and students. You create a combination of video and quiz tasks for your students. For each task, there is an easy-to-understand overview of the individual or comparative learning status of the students. This relieves you of a lasting strain, especially in heterogeneous learning groups.

Additional relief is provided by a summary of the quiz questions that challenge the students the most. This optimizes your lesson preparation and an individual approach to your students.


We are happy to provide our teachers with free trial access including licenses for you and your class for two months.

During this time you can thoroughly test all content and functions of Binogi. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to sign up with individual licenses granting your students full access to all material - at a price equivalent to little more than a book.

Just contact us. Personally, on the phone or by mail.